The Journals of Clancy Puffinstuff: Excerpt 3

It was a bleary, gray, smoggy, foggy, damp morning at the train station. The brick train platform was full of people. Steam billowed all around. Our equipment was successfully crated and deposited in the freight car of the train.

Our patron Malverarey’s man Flaker appeared in the nick of time towing our compatriot, Noggin. While we waited to board, Noggin spun tails of the magnificent porcelain throne he encountered and scaled within the extensive realm of the house.

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The Scop’s Song

scop (plural scops)
1. (historical) A poet or minstrel in Anglo-Saxon England. [Wiktionary under CC BY-SA 3.0]

I initially founded Scopsong Press to publish modules for that 5e game. I was about 90% done with my first adventure before I decided I’d rather make zines and tiny weird games. Everything else in this post is a long rambling autobiography leading to why.

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